Taman Sari Underground Mosque in Yogyakarta - Indonesia


Taman Sari Underground Mosque in Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Taman Sari Water Castle was constructed in the 18th century by the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Essentially, he created a man-made sea and small island-buildings connected by underwater tunnels. The underground mosque was one of these buildings. Currently, water no longer flows in the tunnels. However, you can reach the mosque by walking through the passageway that once was full of water.

The tiny mosque was only one story, and although basic, had all the necessary parts of a mosque including a mihrab, or small niche guiding worshippers toward Mecca. It also featured a series of staircases leading from the underwater entrances resembling MC Escher's relativity. Staircases lead up from five different doorways to a central platform and another staircase connects the five lower staircases to a higher doorway.

Brimming with mystery, the plain mosque is only one of the wonders of the entire Taman Sari Water Castle complex. Today, many of the remains of the great 17th century compound have been lost. Pools have been filled in, which allowed for the discovery of many of the underground structures, but have destroyed the pristine castle quality. Human settlements have taken the place of the man-made lake, and much of the other buildings left standing are worse for wear. In 1995, the entire complex was listed as a tentative World Heritage Site. ;


map for Taman Sari Masjid

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