Great Mosque of Xining, Dongguan - China


Built in 1380, the Xining Dongguan Great Mosque is the largest mosque in Qinghai Province. It is also one of the four great mosques of northwest China together with the Xi’an Huajue Mosque of Shaanxi province, Lanzhou Qiaomen Mosque of Gansu province, and Kashi Aitikar Mosque of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

With its name “Xining Dongguan Great Mosque” shining at the top of a western-style entrance, the great mosque features a magnificent islamic architecture that combines together towers, walls and a temple-like main service hall.

The 1,100-square-meter great hall in the middle is the largest part of the mosque. The architecture looks majestic. Muslims from around the region and even the country gather regularly at the mosque for religious services and grand islamic festivals. The Dongguan Great Mosque is also China’s top institution for islamic higher learning and has been famous both at home and abroad.;


Xining mosque

map for Xining mosque

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  1. zahra says:

    the title is wong.this is not in Dongguan,it should be is in QingHai privince


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