Starodoganjska mosque in Podgorica - Montenegro


Starodoganjska mosque in Podgorica - Montenegro

The mosque which is located in the old part of Podgorica, was built at the end of XVIII centrury. The year of the construction is unknown because the mosque itself does not have that inscription, but what is more important is that during its existance it served as a place of gathering of local people who renewed it several times. Today it is protected by the state. The Muslim population mostly originates from local Bosniaks, as well as Albanians. There are several mosques in Podgorica and Tuzi. The Catholic population mainly consists of local autochthonous Albanian minority.;


Address: Starodoganjska Mosque
42 Gojka Radonjića, Podgorica, Montenegro

Map for Starodoganjska Mosque

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