El Nabi Daniel Mosque in Alexandria - Egypt


El Nabi Daniel Mosque in Alexandria - Egypt

The present Mosque of Nabi Danial was built at the end of the 18th46 century and restored in 1823 by Mohammed Ali. A smaller shrine, probably the mosque of Dzoul Karnein - the Sire with the two horns - preexisted on the site47. The location is very close to the intersection of the ancient Via Canopica and the street R5. In its crypt there is a catafalque, made in the Moslem tradition. It is said to contain the remains of the scholar and venerated teacher Prophet Daniel and his companion Sidi Lokman el Hakim, a religious story-teller.;


Address:El Nabi Daniel Mosque
21 ش النبى دانيال
Alexandria Governorate

Map for El Nabi Daniel Mosque

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