Aqsab Mosque in Damascus - Syria


Aqsab Mosque (Arabic: جامع الأقصاب‎, transliteration: Jami al-Aqsab) is an Ayyubid-era mosque in Damascus, Syria, located in the vicinity of Bab al-Salam, on Suq Sarouja.

The mosque was built by Ayyubid king Al-Ashraf in 1234. It is believed to have been built over a Byzantine church. Under Mamluk rule, the mosque was enlarged to accommodate larger crowds in 1321, and in 1408 it was largely rebuilt on a larger scale by Nassir al-Din Muhammad bin Ibrahim Ben Manjak. Renovations took place in 1450 and 1495;


Address:جامع السادات
El Malek Faisal
Damascus, Syria

Map for جامع السادات

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