Ar Rahman Mosque in Vancouver - Canada


In 2012 the North Vancouver Islamic Association was formed. It purchased a church on the corner of Phillip and W.15th Street and began the renovation and re-construction that transformed it into a masjid. By the Grace of Allaah, the masjid was completed in early 2013. Masjid Ar-Rahman was opened, and now is a place of worship, relaxation and learning for the Muslims living in the North Shore area, and its surroundings.

The brothers and sisters of the community are very active and are involved in various programs at the masjid. In order to continue to facilitate this spirit and to inspire further growth, the Masjid also has a dedicated section for the sisters. The “Light of the Believers” or “Noor Al-Mu’minaat” was established in the summer of 2013 and will enhance the Masjid community by better serving the sisters and their families Insha’Allah.;


Masjid ar-Rahman
1398 West 15th Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 1N2, Canada

Ar Rahman Mosque in Vancouver

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