Sulejmanija Mosque in Travnik - Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sulejmanija Mosque in Travnik - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sharena Mosque or Sulejmanija is located in the centre of Donja ?aršija in Travnik. On that site, at the end of the 16th century was built the Gazi-agina Mosque, destroyed in 1757. In the same year, another mosque - the “Chamilija” Mosque, was built on its place. It was quite similar to the present-day building – it rested on short stone pillars and beneath it there was the bezistan. It had two entrances, ten shops inside and seventy aligned around it, behind the arcades of the mosque. After the fire of 1815, the mosque was thoroughly renewed by Skopljak Sulejman-pasha, after whom it has since been called “Sulejmanija”. The space with the shops in the new building was divided into three storeys. The building itself was richly decorated – both from the outside, as well as from the inside; a fountain and a drinking fountain were built. What makes this mosque unique is the use of coloured wood for decoration – that’s where the other name of the mosque comes from – the “Sharena” (“Colourful”) mosque. It is the most significant example of a mosque with pillars in Bosnia and Herzegovina.;


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