Nagoya Mosque in Japan


Referring to the history of Islam in Japan, the first Mosque was built in Nagoya in January 1937 at the following address: 16 Banchi 25, 3 Chome, chikusa-ku, Nagoya.

It was called “The Nagoya Muslim Mosque”.

The source of this information is a book titled: “The Nagoya Muslim Mosque: A Souvenir Booklet Issued In Commemoration Of The Opening Ceremony” published by Nagoya Turkish Tatar Islamic ssociation-January 1937. According to this book some Turk Tatar migrated from Russia during early 1920s and settled in Nagoya.

They established an association which had a Board of Trustees and Board of Directors . In another recently published book (in 1988) by Japanese Islamic Amenity Association about the history of Islam in Japan which called “Nihon Islam-Shi” written by Muhammad Mustafa Komura Fujio (pages 300 and 301).

It is mentioned that the Mosque was built in a space of about 40 squire meters, which was two-storied, wooden and mortared frame house.

The first floor was used for worship, and there was a school for Turkish children, At the Mosque there were about 20 Turkish members who had been engaged in Islamic Activities in Nagoya City at that time.

But they were urged to repatriate by the Turkish government as the tide of war turned against Japan during World War Two, and at last they dispersed after selling the building and the land in early 1945. Soon after that, the building of the Mosque was burnt down by an air-raid of American B-26 plane at 8:30 in the morning of May 14th, 1945.

Since then and until 1998 no any Mosque has been built by anybody in Nagoya. The present Nagoya Mosque is established in 1998. It is opened on July 24 of the same year.

Nagoya mosque consists of four floors.
The Islamic center and the place for ablution are in the first floor.
The second floor is for women. The third and the fourth floors are for men.
The front view of the mosque is shown in the figure.;


Address: Nagoya Mosque in Japan
〒453-0021 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi,
Nakamura-ku, Honjintōri, 2 Chome26−7
名古屋モスク Japan ‎

Map for Nagoya-shi

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