King Abdulaziz Mosque in Marbella - spain


King Abdelaziz Mosque or Marbella Mosque (Spanish: Mezquita del rey Abdelaziz) is an Islamic place of worship located in Marbella, Spain. The building architecture is an example of Andalusian -inspired contemporary Arabic architecture. Built by Córdoban architect Juan Mora. It holds over 800 people and consists of housing for the imam, library and gardens.;


Address:Mezquita del Rey Abdul Aziz Al Saud
Las Lomas de Marbella – Club s/n MARBELLA,
Malaga, Spain 29602, SPAIN

Map for Mezquita del Rey Abdul Aziz Al Saud

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  1. prive says:

    What are the opening hours of the MosqeuAbdulaziz on eyd-el-futr the 25 and 26 june 2017?


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