Ampel Mosque in Surabaya - Indonesia


Ampel Mosque in Surabaya - Indonesia

Masjid Ampel or Ampel Mosque is an ancient mosque located in the Ampel sub-district, district Semampir, Surabaya, East Java. The oldest mosque in East Java was built in 1421 CE by Sunan Ampel where his tomb complex is located within the area.

The mosque, which is currently one of the religious attractions in the city of Surabaya, are surrounded by buildings with Chinese and Arab architectures. In the left side of the mosque there is a well that is believed to be the auspicious well, typically used by those who believe to strengthen a pledge or oath.

The tomb complex built with a walled courtyard and gateways. The structures led up to the grave of Sunan Ampel. Panataran, dedicated to Siva of the mountain, comprises a sequence of three walled compounds called Jeroan, Jaba Tengah (with the accillary temple or Perwara) and Jaba (the last and the highest, containg the main shrine).;


address:Masjid Ampel
Jl. Ampel Mesjid Ampel Semampir Surabaya Jawa Timur

Map for Masjid Ampel

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