Tan Kok Liong Mosque in Cibinong - Indonesia


Tan Kok Liong mosque located in Cibinong, Bogor, West Java. The architecture of the mosque, it is more like a temple, a place of worship, Confucianism.

The mosque was built on a former prisoner, Anton Medan in complex Foundation At-Taibin which has an area of about one hectare. The red color and distinctive bright green China dominating the mosque measuring 16 X 20 meters.

"The mosque we woke up early 2005 ago by spending funds around Rp2 billion, Just one thing that shows the building as a mosque. On the front there is a small dome that is painted with gold color. "This fusion of China to the Middle East."

On top of the dome of plastered nameplate mosque, Tan Kok Liong with Chinese writing and alphabetic letters. The name Tan Kok Liong itself is taken from the name Anton Medan.

The nameplate size 1.5 X 1 meter has a black base color, while writing the Golden. "It signifies my background is black. ;


address:Masjid Tan Kok Liong
JL. Raya Kampung Sawah,
No. 100, Pondok Rajeg, Cibinong

map for Masjid Tan Kok Liong

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