Isak Bey Mosque in Skopje - Macedonia


Isak Bey Mosque in Skopje - Macedonia

Ishak Bey, the conqueror of Macedonia who settled in Skopje after retiring had this small, pretty mosque built just north of the Bit Pazaar in 1439, and it is still used by the merchants manning the stalls there. Also known as the Decorated (Aladja) Mosque, it’s one of the oldest in Skopje and was famous for its floral decorations, inscriptions and coloured tiles that unfortunately didn’t survive the big fire and earthquake. The mosque’s slender 30-metre-high minaret leans a metre to the side. Behind the mosque is a small graveyard including a lovely blue-tiled turbe (mausoleum) that seems to be used as a garden shed nowadays.;


Address:Allaja Mosque
Boulevard Krste Petkov Misirkov
Skopje 1000

Map for Allaja Mosque

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