Saparmurat Haji Mosque in Ashgabat - Turkmenistan


The Saparmurat Hajji Mosque, a modern building with blue domes, was erected after Turkmenbashi’s pilgrimage to Mecca in the 1990’s.

The Mosque, named in honour of Hajj pilgrimage performed by President Niyazov in 1992, was the first major project in Turkmenistan of the French construction company Bouguyes, completed in 1995.

The mosque can accommodate 8000 worshipers. It has a central dome with deep green color, surrounded by four green half-domes. The four minarets are each 63m in height, representing the age attained by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). On the eastern side of the mosque is a square courtyard, centered around a star-shaped pools. Small white domes protrude from the roof around this courtyard like a row of eggs. This part of the complex includes both, an area for ablution on ground floor and rooms originally intended to be a madrassah above.;


Address: Saparmurat Hajji Mosque
Ahal, Turkmenistan

Map for Saparmurat Hajji Mosque

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