Macau Mosque in China


Macau Mosque and Cemetery (Traditional Chinese: 澳門伊斯蘭清真寺及墳場; Portuguese: Mesquita e Cemitério de Macau) is the only mosque and Muslim cemetery in Macau, China.

It is believed that Macau Mosque was firstly built by Muslims who came with the Portuguese army. Originally, these Muslims were recruited from South Asia by the army. Within the complex area, there are also Muslim cemetery with some of the tombs dated back for hundreds of years, indicating that Islam had arrived in Macau since hundreds of years ago.

In the late months of 2007, Macau Mosque underwent renovation. The mosque is planned to be doubled in size to be a more modern mosque for Macau with a total area of 1,250 m2 and can accommodate up to 600 worshipers;


Address:Macau Islamic Mosque & Cemetery
Freguesia de Nossa Senhora de Fátima

Map for Macau Islamic Mosque & Cemetery

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