Sheikha Salama Mosque in Al Ain - UAE


Sheikha Salama Mosque (مسجد الشيخة سلامة) is a mosque in Al-Ain City, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. The current structure of the mosque, which was designed by architect Ja'afar Touqan from Jordan, occupies an area of 35,873 square metres, and can accommodate more than 3000 worshipers, according to Gulf News. The design includes an extra 1000 car parking spaces for "future needs.";


address:Sheikha Salama Mosque Al Ain
Al Ain
Abu Dhabi

map for Sheikha Salama Mosque Al Ain

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    dear Paolo...please provide your source if photo belongs to you, i will definitely mention in my post..

  2. Salaam Alaykhum, I like your work, but please you cannot take and use my photo without my permission. This is my photo: Please put my name or remove, thank you.


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