Toronto Mosque in Canada


Masjid Toronto, became a mosque in January 2002. Prior to that date, the building was a commercial bank – a branch of the Royal Bank of Canada.

In early 2000 the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) started negotiations to acquire the bank building on 168 Dundas St West. By January 2002, MAC was able to finalize a lease agreement with RBC and open the building to the public as a mosque (a Muslim place of worship). The mosque was called Masjid Toronto, which means Toronto Mosque in Arabic. Payments for the building were completed in 2008.

Today, Masjid Toronto is one of the busiest mosques in the city. Large numbers of worshippers attend the mosque as it is strategically located in the downtown core, in close proximity to the Toronto financial district (Bay Street), the Discovery district, four local hospitals (Princess Margaret, Mount Sinai, Sick Kids, Toronto General), U of T and Ryerson University.;


address:Muslim Association Of Canada-Masjid Toronto
168 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M5G 1C6

map for Muslim Association Of Canada-Masjid Toronto

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