Jezzar Pasha Mosque in Acre - Israel


Jezzar Pasha Mosque (Arabic: مسجد الجزار‎ Masjid al-Jazzar), also known as the white mosque, is located on al-Jezzar Street inside the walls of the old city of Acre, overlooking the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and is named after the Bosniak Ottoman governor Ahmed al-Jezzar (the butcher) Pasha. The mosque was the project of Acre’s Ottoman governor in the late 18th century, Ahmed al-Jezzar (the butcher) Pasha, who was equally famous for his cruelty, impressive public works and for defeating Napoleon at the siege of Acre in 1799. Jezzar Pasha ordered the mosque’s construction in 1781 and had it completed within the year; it was built over former Muslim and Christian prayer houses and other Crusader buildings.There is a tughra or monogram on a marble disc inside the gate, naming the ruling Sultan, his father and the legend “ever-victorious”.

Adjacent to the mosque is a mausoleum and small graveyard containing the tombs of Jezzar Pasha and his successor, Suleiman Pasha, and their relatives. The mosque houses the Shahr el Nabi (a lock of hair from the beard of Mohammed the Prophet). The Shahr el Nabi was paraded through Acre on Id al-Fitr, ending the fast of Ramadan, it is now only shown to the congregation.;


address: Al-Raml Mosque
Acre, Israel

map for Al-Raml Mosque

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