Masjid al-Qiblatain in Madina - Saudi Arabia


Masjid al-Qiblatain (المسجد القبلتین) (Mosque of the two Qiblas) is a mosque in Medina in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while leading the prayer was commanded by Allah to change the direction of prayer (qibla) from Jerusalem to Mecca. Thus it uniquely contained two prayer niches (mihrabs). Recently the mosque was renovated, removing the old prayer niche facing Jerusalem and leaving the one facing Mecca. The Qiblatain Mosque is among the three earliest mosques in Islam’s history, along with Quba Mosque and Masjid an-Nabawi.;


address: Masjid al-Qiblatain
Medina 42351, Saudi Arabia

Map for Masjid al-Qiblatain in Madina

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  1. Sumbal says:

    Very beautiful views of Masjid e Qiblatain. No doubt this is the sacred place for muslims. here is some more information about masjid e Qiblatain.


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