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Modern Mosque, Masjid Asyafaah Singapore, Singapore Mosque in Singapore…Not just ordinary Mosque-Masjid-Moschee-Camii

“The modern face of the mosque allows its members to ‘distance themselves from Islamic terrorism’ since modernity is the enemy of fundamentalist Muslims”. The modern design invites everyone, including non-Muslims to visit and thereby plays down the boundaries between people of all races and religions.

The Assyafah Mosque is a project that makes creative use of a contemporary interpretation of the arabesque, a universally recognizable symbol of Islamic Art and Architecture, to create an original identity for the modern mosque. The use of the positive arabesque, a double arabesque to make the notions of overlapping geometries more explicit and negative arabesques are seamlessly incorporated in the design of this mosque. The architects state that “the use of the arabesque patterns to symbolize the Quran’s attributes provides a link to the past.”

The finish of the minaret (which would develop a coat of rust over a period of time) is intended to minimize the need for maintenance as well as allude to a natural colour. The arches are intended to present a raw feel to contrast with the generally stark and well finished interiors.;


Address: Assyafaah Mosque Masjid Assyafaah (Mosque),
1 Admiralty Lane (S)757620, Singapore

map for Assyafaah Mosque

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