Islamic Center of Southern California - United States


The Islamic Center of Southern California is a mosque and Islamic cultural center in Los Angeles. It is located on Vermont Avenue adjacent to the Chinese Consulate General. It is one of the largest mosque's in Southern California with thousands praying there every Friday.

The center was founded in 1952 and at the time was the only mosque in the Los Angeles area. When it was founded there were very few Muslim families in the Los Angeles area and many of the attendants of the mosque were foreign Muslims attending local universities. In the late 1960s as immigration restrictions were relaxed, more Muslims families immigrated and the mosque grew and in 1969 the first eid prayer was held at the mosque. The current director of religious studies is Asim Buyuksoy.;


address:Islamic Center Of Southern California
434 Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
United States

map for Islamic Center Of Southern California

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