Darun Aman Mosque in Chiang Rai - Thailand


Darun Aman Mosque (Thai: มัสยิดดารุลอามาน or Thai: มัสยิดบ้านฮ่อ), located at Isaraparb road, is the biggest mosques in Chiang Rai province. The mosque was one of many mosques in northern Thailand, built by Hui people or roughly known as Chin Haw in Thai.

The new building has just opened on 27 December 2009, replacing the old one. It shows a great mixture between Chinese and Islamic architecture. The main structure is highly influenced by the Persian architecture with the Chinese decorations. The tip of the two minarets has been replaced with the small Chinese pavilion, instead of a typical Islamic dome. The total cost was around 20 million Baht.;


Address: Chiang Mai Mosque
Mueang Chiang Mai District,
Chiang Mai, Thailand ‎

Map for Chiang Mai Mosque

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