Conakry Grand Mosque in Conakry - Guinea


Conakry Grand Mosque (French: Grande mosquée de Conakry / Mosquée Fayçal) is a mosque in Conakry, Guinea, located east of the Conakry Botanical Garden and beside the Donka Hospital.

The mosque was built under Ahmed Sékou Touré with funding from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. It opened in 1982. It is the fourth largest mosque in Africa and the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The mosque has 2,500 places on the upper level for women and 10,000 below for men. An additional 12,500 worshipers can be accommodated in the mosque’s large esplanade. The gardens of the mosque contain the Camayanne Mausoleum, including the tombs of the national hero Samori Ture, Sékou Touré and Alfa Yaya.

The mosque suffers from a lack of maintenance, running water and electricity, despite a large donation of 20 billion GNF by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2003.;


Address: Grande Mosque
Conakry, Guinea

Map for Grande Mosque

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