Sidna Ali Mosque in Herzliya - Israel


Sidna ‘Ali Mosque (Arabic: مسجد سيدنا علي‎, Masjid Sidna ‘Ali; Hebrew: מסגד סידנא עלי, Misgad Sidna Ali) is a Muslim place of worship located in the depopulated village of Al-Haram on the beach in the northern part of Herzliya in Israel.

The mosque was originally a 13th century Mamluk construction built in honour of one of Saladin’s lieutenants who fought bravely against the Crusaders and died in a battle on the hill on which the mosque now stands. His shrine is now housed within the building. It now serves both as a mosque and as a religious school.;


address: Sidna Ali Mosque
Herzliya, Israel ‎

Map for Sidna Ali Mosque

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