Al Rahman Mosque in Aleppo - Syria


Ar-Rahman Mosque (Arabic: جامع الرحمن) is a contemporary mosque in Aleppo, Syria, located on King Faisal Street. It was opened in 1978 and features a combined style of the early Omayyad architecture and modern mosques. It has a large central dome surrounded with 2 high and 4 shorter rectangular minarets. The external walls of the mosque are decorated with stones in the form of traditional Quran pages, inscribed with some verses from the Ar-Rahman sura.;


Address: Al- Rahman Masjid

Map for Al- Rahman Masjid

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  1. Pertoldus says:

    Uat about de distrakshon ov the taun of Aleppo in de risent iars? Is dis mosk stil egzisting?


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