King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque in Amman - Jordan


King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque in Amman - Jordan
The four-minaret mosque, built in the Islamic architectural style prevalent in Bilad Sham, has a primary praying area characterised by vaulted ceilings and Umayyad-style ornamentation carved in Jordanian stone.

The Palace official said a local contractor implemented the project, while a team from Balqa Applied University’s Islamic Arts Faculty created the mihrab, the focal point in a mosque that directs worshippers towards Mecca. The façade of the mihrab is made of rare kinds of wood, which were used for the first time in 300 years in the Islamic world, according to Malhas.

Meanwhile, a covered 2,000sq.m outdoor praying area with a similar 10-metre-high vaulted ceiling can accommodate 2,500 worshippers.

Directly above part of the outdoor and indoor halls is a two-wing 350sq.m area dedicated as praying hall for women, with a capacity for 350 worshippers. Offices, lecture halls, a library and other facilities are on the first floor of the mosque, which sits above King Hussein Park in the Dabouq neighbourhood.

Malhas said all the building material and furnishings are from Jordan, except for the carpets and chandeliers, which were brought from Turkey, â??for technical reasons and time constraints.â? The mosque also hosts the Hashemite History Museum, which displays belongings related to the Prophet in the possession of Jordan such as a letter he sent Hercules, king of the Byzantines, in the early days of Islam.;


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